gRandisSimo gold™

gReat Size foR cReative cooking

when you buy a gRandiSsimo gold, you don’t get juSt one pineapple…
you get much moRe!

gRandiSsimo gold iS aS big aS it iS deliciouS.

This new large pineapple is the perfect solution for your pineapple cravings. Just 1 Grandissimo pineapple can make so many different meals throughout the week – roast it, grill it and bake it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The possibilities are endless!

the new gRandisSimo gold™ pineapPle iS PaRt of the del monte gold® extRa SweEt vaRiety. it iS Picked at matuRity and tRaSPoRted by boat to deliveR the fReSheSt PineaPple to you.

5 benefitS OF gRandisSimo gold™

diScoveR RecipeS!